28th March, 2014

I went to an incitement today and it was really amazing. The theme of today’s incitement is “The Voice of Youth: Being a Game Changer”. It was really amazing and interesting listening to the young speakers who are only 17 and I feel really old being 19. I am not ready to be 19 yet. Despite being only 17, most of them has accomplished so much in their lives even though they did not start off very well. I was lost on the way going there so I was half an hour late because we just could not find our way despite using the GPS to help us. 

They are bold. They spoke with confidence. They are the game changer. 

What about the ones who have the thoughts but they never have the courage to speak up. Where are we? Where do we actually stand. We are so scared and a little bit lost and being an extrovert is never what we are good at. So, what do we do? Do we stay low and let the ones who have the ability to become the extrovert be the game changer or do we change ourselves, our-beautiful-selves and be someone who we are not? I was thinking about this question during the appreciation session when everyone thanked the speakers for giving such inspiring speeches and that they were happy that they could join the event tonight. I looked around to realise that not everyone has given their appreciation speech and I am one of them. I did not have anything to say because whatever they have said up there on the stage, I have thought it through and I know the feelings they are talking about. My thoughts are far more ‘advanced’ than the words I speak. There are probably ten of thousands of things in my head in just one second and I have never told the world exactly what I am thinking most of the time because to some extent, I rather be the listener because being a listener means I have more chance to listen to people speak and I am really grateful that I have that chance at all.

Today was definitely worth it and I wish to go to more events like this and I would never give it up. It was a great event and I believe that it always will be. I don’t know what I am today, maybe not an influential game changer but I have been trying really hard to help the people around me who seem to be like me when I was younger or when I was really lost and I really hope that they can find their way.


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