The People You Love Becomes Ghosts Inside of You

The people you love becomes ghosts inside of you and like this you keep them alive.

The people that you love, they will stay inside of you no matter what, because I believe, when you love someone truly, you have given a part of you that you won’t be getting back. You are giving them a peek into your soul. And if you truly love them, you are giving them something no one in this world has, your time. Oh, I have loved. When I love, I gave him a part of me.I have always thought that I would get back the part of me that I have given to him when he left, but I did not. I did not get the part of me back. It will always be with him. Or maybe he has also given me a part of him without himself knowing. Maybe I have a part of him inside of me, too. Maybe I am not giving him back a part of him too because the memories of him are sometimes still haunting me. 

Hmm. I wonder if your ghost exist in me. Your presence does. I wonder whether the memories that I have of you are true and real. I wonder whether if I have made up something about you in my mind to make you seem more perfect. I wonder if everything I know about you is true. 

Oh, life.

The people you love becomes ghosts inside you, living and haunting us down. They will be there no matter what and I believe it is up to us to let them bring us down or lift us up. 

Oh, life.


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