Oh, Emotions

Girls are mostly related to being emotional and sometimes girls who are being emotional are said to be having PMS. Ouch. We don’t always act emotional. We are emotional but we don’t always let our emotions control us and we can control our emotions. That is how we walk into a crowd of people with a smile on our faces when our worlds are falling down. We are good at hiding our emotions because if we don’t, we would cry days and nights. We would not sit there in the corner and wonder if everything will be alright, we would start screaming as loud as the noises in our heads are.

I am emotional. I am very emotional. I cry at the littlest things in this world and I make a fuss over small things sometimes. I am very emotional. When you tell me we are friends, I will treat you like a real, true friend and we will be together all the time and I will share the burden of your problems, no matter what happen, especially when you are that special friend that I would love to keep forever. I am very emotional because most of the things that I am doing are related to my emotions, even when I am writing this now.

Girls are emotional and when we are hurt, we can’t really forget. The pain will stay in our hearts for quite some time and it won’t go away. The pain made us cry and it made us go into the dark and choose not to come out. We are hurt. We are so deeply hurt but we try to keep our composure and we would walk like nothing happened, when we are breaking apart inside. It would be fair enough to compare us to the pumps and heels we wear. We would wear pumps and heels even though every step hurts us, but we don’t show it. We smile at strangers and we glide through the crowd as if we are wearing sport shoes or flats.

Yes, we are good at hiding our emotions, but does that make us fake? Or does that make us strong?

We can’t talk too much because we will be condemned by other girls. We can’t give too many ideas because the other girls would say that we are talking too much gibberish that they don’t understand. Then, they will label you as the smart geek who would never fit into the crowd. When you say you love to read, they would make every book joke at you and if you don’t laugh back, they would say that you have no sense of humour at all. If you choose to ignore them, they would say that you are proud and arrogant and you would never fit in the girl’s crowd. We do not dress up to be pretty little ladies and act like princesses because we are not born in a palace, we are born in the countryside where the sun is bright and there is nothing like slimming or too much cellulite. We do not starve ourselves because we love food and we miss all the home food, especially during times when everyone walks into a high end restaurant and you have to walk away and say that you have work tonight because you do not wish to spend so much on food which you don’t understand. Then, they will label us as someone who don’t have taste and style. We don’t go clubbing or drink alcohol, because we don’t wish to spend the extra money and reading a book with a cup of tea at home is really relaxing and amazing. They would say that we are boring, or that we do not have a life.

Girls and girls. What have we girls, we normal girls, girls who are not pretty, girls who do not have the extra money for all the latest trends, girls who don’t go out with all the boys, girls who look normal, girls who are obsessed with books, have done to you girls, you girls who are pretty, girls who are dazzling, girls who have hundreds of friends, girls who wear pretty clothes, girls who are treated like princesses since young and girls who are loved by all the boys in the world? What have we done to you?

Please, just leave us be. Just leave us be who we are and if you really hate us so much, tell us why. Don’t go behind our backs. We have ideas because we read, we understand what is going on in the world because we read, we volunteer because we care and we read because we love it. Not clubbing, not drinking, not wearing pretty clothes, not being pretty do not mean that we are lifeless.

Oh, emotions.


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