Jokes and Insults

Jokes, one of the funniest things in life, one of the things that could lighten up our days when everything is blue. Jokes, we listen to them all the time and we laugh at them, because they are jokes and they are funny. We enjoy laughing, of course, every bit at the joke. Why? Why do we laugh at jokes?

We are born with laughter. It is one of the universal languages that we humans use to communicate throughout the world. It isn’t like French, Spanish, English, German or Swahili, we don’t have to learn it, it is in within us from the very beginning. Where is the beginning? What is the beginning? We do not know. It is just similar to the idea that we do not when is the end. But laughter is always with us, whether it is from temporary happiness or a permanent happiness that has been achieved and reached.

Laughter is an unconscious action and we laugh at jokes that we think are funny. Yes, it is easy to laugh at jokes, especially jokes that we hear about the people whom we share the same opinion with. Yes, we are judgemental; yes, we are bias. When you hear about a joke about someone with a weird taste in fashion, and something you think funny is said about him, you would laugh. It is a natural reaction and we don’t decide when to laugh.

However, are jokes really pleasant?

Can we redefine jokes? 

Jokes are something said or done to provoke laughter or cause amusement. Yes, it is easy to say something funny about someone and laugh with your friends. Yes, it is easy to mimic the actions of someone and laugh about it. These are jokes, when you mimic the way your teacher walks when he or she twisted her ankle, when you mimic the way your teacher talk because he or she has an accent. Yes, it is funny.

But are they really funny for them? 

Are these actions now consider to be jokes? Or insults?

Let’s define insults.

An insult is something said or done which is insolent and contemptuous to someone. We laugh about it, but they suffer from it. Are we not building our happiness on their sadness? Why are we laughing when the cause of our happiness is their sadness? To think about it, are these jokes even funny in the first place? You laugh at someone who walk in a weird way and you mimic the way they walk, just because it is funny, have you ever thought of the reason behind? Maybe they are born like this, maybe they are involved in an accident. There are so many possibilities and it might already be hurting them.

Why are we making a joke out of this?

Jokes and insults. What are they? We make jokes and we laugh. Through our perspectives, yes, they are funny, let’s take time and laugh. Through the person’s perspective, what does this mean? The sadness, the inferiority, the depression that we could have caused.

Why do people make jokes out of people knowing clearly that it might be an insult to them? How do we joke about others? Why do we laugh about others? Who gave us the rights to laugh at others?

Who are we?

Who are they to laugh at us? To judge us?

To insult us?

We are different, yes, we are weird, as you would perceive, we are not you and you laugh at us. You feel good. How about us? You are modest? You are funny? You are humorous? Enlighten us. Your jokes are not funny, they are insults. We can’t blame anyone. We did not choose to be who we are now. You made us change because of your jokes. You made us betray ourselves because of your jokes. You made us give up life because of your jokes.

Your jokes, are they really funny? 


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