Colours of the Wind

I love sitting down in silence, closing my eyes and feel the air. I love to listen to the wind around me, even though the day is quiet. I have gotten so used to keyboard that I can now type without looking at the letters. College has taught me this much.

I love the way the wind blows over my face, caressing my thoughts. I wish that the wind can bring my fears away. I close my eyes and listen, so carefully, omitting the sound of everything else, the silent hustle of the air conditioner, the words people around me are saying, the footsteps of everyone that walked in and out of the place. 

Oh the smell of coffee is so appealing that in my dreams I would go for it. Give me a cup of hot coffee, so bitter that when I drink it, I could feel my own bittersweet memories swell up my throat. No sugar, no creamer, no cinnamon, no chocolate, no vanilla, just give me a plain cup of black coffee. Or sometimes they can call it Americano Expresso. Hmm.

Oh the fighters of the world, have you forgotten your passion? Oh the chasers of dreams, have you forgotten why you chose to walked on fire? Oh the peacemakers, have you forgotten the sound of nature while speaking and encouraging others? Oh us, the people, have we forgotten our lives that we have to live and love?

Feel the air, feel the wind, feel the scent of the wind. It’s odourless? No.

It is beautiful.

Take me away with your thoughts. Tell me a story where you are the prince and I am the princess. Tell me your journey to the highest ground you have ever been. Sing me a song that your have written with your melody. Harmonize with my soul and maybe we shall love. 

Or maybe you won’t see?

Oh fighters of the world, you are fighting for peace. You are protecting the people. When I close my eyes and feel the air, I taste your strength, your passion, and you bravery.

Let me be with your spirit. 

I shall sing the colours of the wind.


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