Do you walk away?

There comes a time when you realise what you have done is not appreciated at all by people, even the ones that you have loved dearly and would do so many things for them. There comes disappointment when you expect something to be done by the people you love, and yet they never do it. There comes sadness when you think you are as important to them as they are to you, but you never are.

There comes a time when something needs to stop.

The time when we have to let go and stop loving and caring so much. The time when we realise how unimportant we are to people. The time when we see where we really stand in others’ lives.

There are times when we have friends that we treat them truly and whole-heartedly, wishing and hoping the best for them. Friends that we would tell everything to; friends who we would share all the information in the world to because we do not view them as a competition. Friends we would share our last piece of bread with. Friends we would share an umbrella with even though that means getting half of yourself wet. Friends we would starve together in the cold night. There are times when we would have friends that we would treat them so truly like brothers and sisters and we would care for them unconditionally.



When we realise that they would rather steal our last piece of bread away from us, why do we get so upset?

When we realise that they would not tell us everything they know because they view us as a competition and not as combat, why do we feel the hit on our chests?

Are these expectations that we have for them because we are willing to do so for them?

And yet, they are our friends that we have treasured and held onto and not let go. They are friends that we have loved and would do so many things for. They are friends that we would consider them as important and we would never forget, in times of pain and darkness. They are friends that we love.

To realise that sadness, do you walk away?

Do you walk away? Do you walk away because you realise that you are not as important as you think you are? Do you walk away because they do not appreciate the things that you would do for them? Do you walk away because you would greet them with a smile every morning and the only thing they throw at you is “Why are you so happy today? I hate life. I would die if I could but I don’t want to go to hell”?

Do you walk away? Even when you tell them that it is okay if they have not found a purpose in life and that living and finding the purpose in life can be an exciting journey and adventure that not everyone would have. Do you walk away when everything you say is regarded as useless and they constantly treat you like you are worth nothing even though they are important to you?

How about the times when you have laughed together and talked about memories?

Do you walk away?

Do you go on caring?

Do you go on loving?

Or do you walk away?

Because they tell you you can’t do anything much and that your dreams are ridiculous and they condemn you for everything that you have failed to do. It hurts you so badly and you just want to tell them that you can do it and you are trying to be better than yesterday, that if they think you are crazy, then it’s a compliment because my dreams are big enough. And they call you a daydreamer.

Do you walk away?

Tell me again, do you walk away?


One thought on “Do you walk away?

  1. Personally I know where you’re coming from .. I’ve been taking care of my grandparents and my siblings for this school semester and on top going to school but the same question for me is do I walk away from them because most of my siblings are college age level but yet they do nothing , like why do i have to sometimes miss school or events i planned way of head of time so they could hang out with friends? but then i tell myself that i can’t walk away because somehow they need me ..

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