Trust is the most expensive thing in this world. You need years and years and years to earn it and yet, you can lose it within seconds.

People, they come and go.

People, we do not come to stay. We come, then we go. We are the wind in another form. While the wind blows, we move past the people in our lives. We meet up with them and if we can choose to leave, as quietly as the wind, we could. We could just leave without leaving a trace, just like when the wind stops blowing.

People, they come and they go.

They do not come for no reason. People, no matter who they are, they are here so that we can learn something from them. Be them an enemy, a friend, a lover, or anyone that has walked into our lives. They come for a reason. Maybe we do not learn anything from them, but maybe they have learnt something from us, we are all teachers or students in any point of life. We sing a song where someone would be able to resonate and these people would be the ones that would choose to stay in our lives for a little bit longer.

Who would love us more than we love ourselves?

Our parents?

But as much as they love us, we love them and do we really want them to love us so much that they forget to live their own lives?

People come and go.

They are important to you, doesn’t mean that you are important to them.


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