Peter Pan has taught me something that I will never forget, the space where reality and dreams meet, the space where they intertwine is where I will always be waiting. Peter Pan has shown me the possibility of intertwining the reality into my dreams, dreams that are so surreal, untouchable and unforeseeable. My dreams, so impossible yet so possible, dwelling with the cruelty of reality, sinking and rising, disappearing and appearing.

I have dreamt to be a bird, a free bird that will fly across the sky when no one was there to hold me. I wanted to be a bird because when no one could hold me up, I would have my wings and I cold take flight any time I wanted to. I stretched out wings just to be hit on the face by reality, telling me that I have no place to go because it was just dream and I had to pick myself up from the ground and walk instead of flying.

I have dreamt to yield a sword, and a swing of it will cut through endless enemies, just like in the movies, in anime, that I would be able to jump through forests and I would be pretty and admirable by the characters. I love Naruto, One Piece, Kuroshitsuji and all the movies where the characters would fight and their determinations were, are, the things that keep me going until today.

I wrote stories in my head, singing the songs, not telling the world all the things that I have in my head, shunning away from the light in reality. I daydream, creating scenarios that will never happen. I have lived too far away from reality. I can’t come back and I don’t want to, but I have to. I would choose to just go away and listen to the world sings, the songs that are sung by the world. Can you hear it? The melodies that only the world has, the melodies that no one in this world would be able to replicate. Can you feel it? The melodies of the earth, the songs that are only sung by the world.

What are my dreams? I don’t have a specific dream. I dream to be live in my dreams because the reality is not as nice as it seems to be. I dream to go away, yet I wish to stay because there are too many people that I love in this reality. I can’t go away from this reality and I can’t go to place where my dreams are meant to be. So, let it intertwine, please.

Let it intertwine, so when I wake up, I could see the possibilities of everything while living in the reality.

Or maybe, I would leave to the space where reality and dreams intertwine.


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