Words, huh

Good morning, good afternoon, good night. 


How do you do?

When we say these words, do we always mean it? 

I have met someone, an extraordinary person. He is an amazing person, he is so amazing that there are no words that can be used to describe him sometimes. I know him, as an acquaintance and he knows me, as an acquaintance. We don’t talk because the fields that we are in are very different – biology and physics – and he has said countless times that he loves what he is doing now and that he does not love biology much. He has cracked jokes, humorously and jokingly about biology and that people who studies biology are not as cool as people who study physics. Well, I love biology and I love physics, too, just that my love for biology and physics is very different and I can deal with biology for my entire life because I have loved the ways lives unfold on Earth. I have loved the way the heart beats and I have loved the way the way has its own breath. I love the biology behind every living being, the function, the twist and the amazing ability for the brain to work and the mystery behind every breath that we take. 

It is easy to break down everything, to the doctors, the surgeons, it is very easy for them to cut someone up and look into them and try to fix what is wrong inside of them. It is easy for veterinarians to open an animal up and try to heal them from the inside. But can we really give life to the cracks in time? Can we really hold a life in our hands and call it ours and we try to save it even though it is time to let go? What is life? Life can be defined biologically, life can be seen as the beating of the heart, the sensations from the brain and the awareness of the world. Life is in an organism when the organism is breathing, the organism’s organ, the body is functioning and it is said to be alive, as long as the organism to breathing. 

But what is life actually?

Quantum physics. The energy of the universe, that is so influential and so huge that made us into us. We might not only be made of the breaths that we take, the functions that we have in our body and the chemical reactions that occur in our body as long as we are alive. We might just be consciousness. We might be that tiny light in the world, the tiny floating consciousness and when we come across  into our brain, it enhances our feelings and when we were bore by our mothers, their consciousness mixed with ours, our fathers and we have a whole new level of consciousness and we will be said to take after their traits. Are we the energy from the universe? Are we one with the universe and not an organism that breathes and walks and talks and act like we are taking care of the world when we are actually destroying it, bits by bits and pretending that we care when we actually don’t?

Emotions. A touch from the universe. We have tried, for centuries to use words to describe things. We have used so many words, invented so many words to describe so many things, to give so many objects so many names and to use the words to label people, fat, thin, ugly, slim, pretty. Words for the emotion? Yes, we have plenty. But can they really express what we are feeling on the inside? 

Can words express our feelings entirely?

Have words failed you before?

When words fail, music speaks.

What if music fails too?

When music fails, the universe will take over. The silence, the peace and the complete vacuumness from the space, the infinity beyond infinity and the untouchable part of everything. Emotions are from the universe, have we reached the place where we can describe this amazing gift from the universe?

Words have failed me. 

I am writing now, yes I am. My language is not the strongest and I am trying to improve. Yes, there is a high possibility that I do not have a language strong enough to express all that I am feeling now on the inside, but there are things that cannot be described, there are things that you can only feel on the inside, and there are regrets in you that only you will know. 


Because silence heals.


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