This is written to a friend of mine, who I have just met and is more than a wonderful person. However, he says that he does not believe in love. I do not want to force him to believe what I believe in because I am walking on the line myself, doubting myself. I do not have answers for love but to a huge extent, I do believe that it is there and it is beautifully embedded in the hearts of people. Even though he has told me that he does not believe in love, I wish that he can be surrounded with my perception on love. 

Love is undoubtedly painful and the journey in love is hard and arduous. There is no way of walking into love and coming out as if nothing ever happened, even if it is the purest kind of love. Arguments stand that even if you love someone genuinely, there is no guarantee that the person will ever love you back as much as you have loved. Well, if you don’t, what are the chances for them to love you? The purest kind of love, to me, is a love which is unconditional, just pure love and this feeling of love is enough. When you love someone unconditionally, there are chances that you will be hurt and you would go back, being silly and unreasonable because that is what love does to us, isn’t it? If the exchange of love between two people is pure, then the hurt and the pain would only help them grow and not stop them from loving. 

Yes, there are painful moments but there are beautiful moments that you share too. These beautiful moments will stay with you forever, even when you would think that it was a mistake and you regretted the things that you did in the days when you thought you were not mature enough. But you enjoyed the moment and that is enough. You have learnt something from the regrets and mistakes and that is enough. 


To Whoever Is Reading

Love requires no definition, because love is a feeling that words are insufficient to describe. I would not say love is fond attachment, nor would I say that it is profound affection, because those words are not enough.

I guess, when you love someone, you can see their imperfections, yet you find them beautiful. There will definitely be days when you would find them annoying, but that doesn’t mean that you do not love them anymore, because at the end of the day, you would still want to look at them and tell them goodnight. There will also be days when you would wish that they could leave you alone, because you would need time alone to think about important things and you do not wish to be bothered. Yet, you would wish that they would stay at the other side of the door, because you would need them, when you have calmed down and when you have thought things through. Then, when you open the door, you would find them there, waiting for you to open the door. The smile that you wear when you see them, or the tears that you have held back, would just tell you how much they mean to you, how much you love them, and how much they love you. There will also be hard times when you can’t be alone, because you would want them beside you, and that when you are with them, you don’t need words, nor anything. You can just be there with them, and maybe you would feel a certain peace, then you would know that there is love in between, because their presence is enough to calm you down.

Love is when fanciness is not necessary. Love is when you would jump onto someone, knowing that they will be mad, yet still doing it. Love is when you would put a pillow on someone’s lap and sleep without permission. Love is when you would wake up in the morning and smile when you hear their voices. Love is when you would call the other person any time of the day and expecting the other to answer and if they don’t, you would just put down the phone and not care because you know that they would call back no matter what. Love is when you would constantly text someone useless messages, even if you don’t get a reply. Love is when you would talk and talk and talk until the deep night, because listening is their voice is just perfect. Love is you when you would eat a meal together, then run down the streets to get desserts together, because you would get fat together. Love is when you would run together, because running together would mean so much, even though there would be minimum talking.

Those would be beautiful.

Love is beautiful.

When the person you love cries, you would stand there somehow, watching over them. At times there will be words, at times you would lose your ability to speak because you are choked by the pain they are feeling. When the person you love calls, telling you that he or she needs you now, so badly, you would go to them no matter how busy you are, provided that there is a clear reason and I believe that the person you love would not be ridiculous and constantly seeking for attention for no reason. When the person you love breaks down, you would hold them up, just like how they would hold up your world when everything is crumbling because love has no boundaries. Love is strong enough to break through dimensions. Love is when you would promise to never leave and you would never leave.

Love is a part of the heart.

Love is when you can’t find yourself hating the other person when he or she leaves, because you love him or her that much. You would cry yourself to sleep and wonder again and again what you have done wrong, finding all the possibilities that you have made a mistake, wondering for the reasons that they would leave you because when you love, you don’t leave. You would write with your tears, and you would sing with your broken voice, and you would stand up with a piece of you missing. Love is when you can’t be friends with the other person because you have loved them too much to not love them when you are just friends.

Love is when you are being stupid.

Love is when you think logically, yet acting irrationally.

Love is when you curse at the sky, yet not feeling hate, because you would not blame the other person.

Love is when you realize there is no reason for you to cry even though all your strengths are gone, because love is not necessary from him or her, it is from the world.

Love is from the universe.

Love is white, because it consists of all the colors. Love can be black, because of absence, but it would be just like the flame. When absent, there is a coldness, but when the wind blows, and a tiny bit of magic, love would rekindle.

Love is when you are being very stupid.

Love is when you would write a poem about life.

Then, you are in love.

You are in love with the world, you are in love with yourself, and you are in love with your life and everything you cherish. When the aura of your love is compatible with someone walking beside you and there is a folding between love, then you would realize that the love before has told you a story of yourself, and has made you fall in love with the idea of love. There is a beauty in uncertainty, a beauty in pain and a beauty in regrets.

There is a beauty in love. Ugly, beautiful, true, genuine, fake.

At the end, you will find a person who would love you in a way that you would never think exists.

Just like a whale falling in love with the sunset.


Written with much love.


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