Let’s move on

The days when we were young are gone. The days that we shared are gone. The days that we could talk without restraint are gone. The days when you would say “I want to meet you” are gone.

Those days are gone and the days that replace those days will be the days when we work so hard to achieve something huge in life. Well, at least for you, isn’t it? We will work so hard and not look up, hoping and wishing to be the best, for the reasons that we put in our hearts. We will work so hard that we will forget, the beauty of the things that surround us. One day, when we finally look up, we will realize how much we have missed. Yet, knowing this, we walked into fire and burn, just because we have the need to. We were holding hands before walking in, and we made promises that our hands will hold us both together. Yet, on the way, something tore us apart and we will continue our journey alone. Because, those days are gone.

You were the person who walked me into the flames. I wanted to burn with the flames of a unicorn, yet you told me to burn with the flames of a devil, because you told me I could withstand the heat and the pain. We both then made the decision to walk into the devil’s fire and and burn. It was fun at first, adrenaline and whatnot. I was living in ecstasy. I was not afraid of anything and I pulled it through, no matter how hard and lonely things had to be, I believed that everything would be better, and it did. Everything became better after a while, after adapting to the life of a devil. It was fine.

And, you left.

Oh wells.


So, let’s move on. Let’s forget the things that we have done before together and let’s move on. There is no need to linger on to the emotions that you have long forgotten and there is no need for us to cling on to promises that were made before.

Promises are made to be broken.

So let’s move on, without looking back at what we were before. Maybe one day when we meet, we will walk up to each other and smile.

So, let’s move on.


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