This is not inferiority complex like what everyone thinks.

I do not have inferiority complex. At least that is what I used to say. I remember people telling me that I have issues with myself, with my abilities to accomplish something. I remember people telling me that I have to have more faith in myself. I tried. I tried to tell myself that I … More This is not inferiority complex like what everyone thinks.


Always chasing someone who we thought are important; always going after the people who we thought we could not live without; always looking after someone who we thought are more valuable than the rest. Always chasing, always going after, always looking for. Always. Yet. Times when we are down with the burden of everything, when … More Emotions

My Link

I had to study. I had to be one of the best in my grades. I was not pretty and I was not popular. I was just smart. I was not accepted by the crowds, by people my age. I was criticized and I was condemned. I was not the kind of girl where people … More My Link

Let’s move on

The days when we were young are gone. The days that we shared are gone. The days that we could talk without restraint are gone. The days when you would say “I want to meet you” are gone. Those days are gone and the days that replace those days will be the days when we … More Let’s move on

Wake Me Up

When I was younger, I wished that I could sleep forever. I would go into my room without saying a word. I would lie on my bed and sometimes I would cry and prayed that I would sleep forever. I wanted to run away but I did not know where to go, so I chose … More Wake Me Up

Just sayin’

That’s how you know you love someone, I guess, when you can’t experience anything without wishing the other person was there to see it, too. -Kaui Hard Hemmings ¬† Some people are meant to stay while others are meant to leave. And there’s really no difference between the two, except the way you change after … More Just sayin’

In Another Lifetime

I remember when we were close, We used to dance under the moonlight with our words. I remember the times when we would talk forever, And you would smile that smile of yours, so heart-catching, heart-warming, beautiful. I remember when we were close, We used to sing under the dim lights with our silence. You … More In Another Lifetime


This is written to a friend of mine, who I have just met and is more than a wonderful person. However, he says that he does not believe in love. I do not want to force him to believe what I believe in because I am walking on the line myself, doubting myself. I do … More Love


I have a statement, a proposition that is self-contradictory and it is definitely absurd but I am telling a truth. The truth lies within my contradictions, my undeniable facts and my undeniable desires, and lastly, my undeniable hate. I walk on this Earth, loving every being, every life, and yet I have¬†hated so strongly. I … More Paradox